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Reconnect with Your Full Potential

When you partner with a Juniper Coach we help you reach your full potential by helping you identify your innate strengths and focus more of what you naturally do best! Working with your strengths will help you reconnect with your innate spark of genius, motivation and drive. Together we identify meaningful and sustainable change that will help you achieve what matters most. We’ll help you rediscover what’s possible.

Clarity & Planning Moves You Forward

Whether you are taking on exciting new opportunities at work or in your personal life, or you are in a challenging transitional period, our coaching offers the clarity, the next-step planning, and the supportive accountability that moves your forward.

Results from Day One!

Our clients experience valuable insights and an actionable plan from our very first meeting! They report:

  • Renewed energy and passion
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Improved personal and professional relationships
  • Insight into motivations, behaviors and strengths
  • Better time management and follow-through
  • Personal awareness to become your best self

Discover the Keys to Your Success

My work draws on my 30 years of leadership experience and certified-coach training. These experiences  gave me daily interaction with and appreciation for the qualities of the most successful corporate and non-profit executives.

I found the consistent characteristics of the most effective leaders included: 

  • The pleasure they took in their work.
  • The confident leadership presence and rapport they have with colleagues and employees.
  • Their satisfaction increased when their values informed and fueled where they put their efforts and  attention.
  • The self-awareness to manage relationships more effectively.
  • The ease and excitement they brought to tackling new challenges.

Were these just “lucky” successful individuals, or could their “luck” be broken down to actionable steps  others could benefit from? It was that question that spurred my interest in the value of coaching.

My goal to make the experience of success in life and work the norm rather than the exception inspired me to attend the renowned Georgetown University’s Executive Leadership Coaching Program, an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified program. This exceptional program has helped me leverage my extensive experience and put the best practices of the highest performers to work for my  clients.

Executive Coaching

& Leadership Development

Benefits of Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Operating at the executive level often requires you to navigate through a constantly changing  environment having to learn new tools and strategies for both individual and organizational success. 

Whether you are being charged with executing a new strategy, building a new team or taking on a new role, my customized coaching is designed to increase your leadership capacity, refine your authentic  leadership communication style, and help you lead through the discomforts of change.

Together we develop a personalized action plan by discovering your key strengths, areas for development, and your underlying motivations and drives to achieve greater influence and impact. 

Let’s Work Together

I work with clients nationwide and globally who are interested in leadership development, career and personal transitions, stress management, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, and more.

My extensive experience drawn from leadership positions in the corporate and non-profit sectors gives me a first-person perspective on the challenges you face. You’ll gain a fresh perspective and an actionable plan tailored to your unique strengths so you can confidently take on all the challenges you face. My job is to  help you lead with your strengths so you can achieve what matters most. I’d like to join you today on  your journey to create a future designed by you.

Executive Coaching

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